The four H’s symbolize:

  • Head
  • Heart
  • Hands
  • Health

Our goal

4H seek to inspire and educate youth to become active and socially responsible citizens, and have a sense of responsibility and respect for nature and humans alike.

The 4H-motto

Learning by doing.

The 4H-pledge

I promise to work towards becoming a youth with a clear head, warm heart, clever hands and good health.

Core values
  • Clear head
  • Warm heart
  • Clever hands
  • Good health
The unique quality of 4H

4H is a member-led organisation where the members themselves decide what to explore and study.

The 4H-programme

The programme focuses on the following subjects:

  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Society
  • Health

The first 4H-club in Norway was founded in 1926. The organisation is dedicated to positive youth development.

4H Norge is organised at three levels, club, county and national. 4H-clubs elect their own executive boards at their Annual General Meetings. Each club is represented at the county Annual General Meeting, where representatives for the county clubs are elected to attend the national AGM, which is held bi-annually.

The main national activities include finding financial sources for the organisation, making and publishing 4H-projects and the member's magazine, arranging National 4H-camps, leadership-training courses, and coordinating international programs.