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Her er nokre ord frå Jentene:

Dear Host Family,

My name is Delaney Jenkins and I am so honored to be your foreign exchange participant. I live with my mom, Angie, and my little sister, Marcella. My older sister, Matti, no longer lives with us, but we are still always in contact. My specialty in 4H is dairy cattle. Showing and raising dairy cattle is such an amazing experience. You learn how to work hard, community, and skills you would get nowhere else. Dairy cattle fuel the world and have for hundreds of years! They are fascinating, docile animals with kind hearts. Working with dairy cows is my favorite thing in the world. More of my hobbies include community service, listening to music, and cooking and baking. Through the National Honor Society, a high school group for good students, I have been able to get into community service. This combined with my position as county dairy ambassador has brought me closer than ever with my community, small and wide. My favorite music artist is a band called boygenius. It is composed of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien baker. Do you like indie style music? I'd love to hear what your country's version of indie sounds like. Lastly, I have a passion for baking and cooking. It is such a calming experience and you get awesome food out of it! It also helps to make a lot of your own products because it can save so much money! While I am with you, I would love to do outdoor activities. That can be hiking, biking, going on  walks, and my favorite, swimming! I love swimming so much! And of course, anything to do with animals would be amazing! I love the countryside opposed to the city as the natural beauty is something that I think cannot be beat. Do you live outside of the city? Thank you so much again for taking me into your home for a month! Once again, I am honored and hope I can bring your family as much joy as this trip will bring me.

Best regards, Delaney.

portrettbilde av Delaney

Dear host family

If you are reading this letter means that you are making my dream become a reality. My name is Valentina Lujan Villalba Amado, but I like to be called Valu. I am originally from Asuncion Paraguay, and I move to the United States back in January of last year and I have a big passion for travelling and meeting new cultures. I am 18 years old and most of my family and friends around me would describe me mainly as a curious, lovely and easy-going person. From my curiosity I also developed a big interest in discovering new things and in getting educated in different topics. I am very sensitive and emotional in many ways. My relatives, friends, classmates and teachers always describe me as a cheerful and lovely girl, but also, very mature, and they like to spend time with me. I am always looking forward to doing something new and productive even though I am scared sometimes. I lived in Asuncion until recently when I moved to the United States to study more English and study. I lived there with my family, Mom, sister and stepfather. I now live in North Carolina with my dad, stepmother, brother and sister. The truth is I'm a little scared because it would be the first time, I would participate in an exchange program and I feel excited too, since I will experience a new culture. I would like to know all of you well and share and learn a lot about your way of living, culture and language. I would like to explore new things although I am a bit fearful and shy, I would like to learn as much as possible in all aspects.

I like to listen to music, watch series, play PS4 and go shopping, I like to talk to my family and friends in my free time, but remember I'm very shy so I ask for a little patience please. I can't wait to meet all your family and tell you about myself face to face! Finally, I will like to thank you for your kindness and huge hospitality. I am looking forward to being part of your culture and learn as much as possible from this incredible experience.

Best wishes,
Valentina L. Villalba Amado

portrettbilde av Valu

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